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Sueda Sumayya- instagram

“Fighting the bear never ceases! As long as life goes on, the fight goes on!”

This is a biography of sorts, based on the reflections and experiences faced by the author as an immigrant. Told through metaphors and parallels this is a very different and unique take on biographies, literally no names are mentioned at all, of either places or people, and it surprised me pleasantly how gripping it was. I tore through it in one sitting, but that is not to say that it’s a light read. Filled with emotions and the life lessons that the author learned from his struggles, this is quite an intense read.

The part I liked best is how the author has impeccably drawn parallels between a vicious bear and his struggles. Throughout this book, the author has used ‘The Bear’ as a metaphor for his struggles and this whole book is like a manual, interjected with the author’s own experiences with the bear, on how to face it and win the fights that life throws you in. There’s a whole lot more going on in this book, there’s a commentary and reflections on the political state of the world, and the economy. There are questions about faith, and human misery and some answers that are more abstract than the questions. The book ends on an emotional note and the notion that this fight with the bear continues for life, and just maybe there’s an escape from the chaos of the world that is yet to be found.

Lady Donna

The title of the book captures its content perfectly. The immigrant holds the reader’s hand and walks them through an immigrant’s life: their thoughts, their dreams, their many struggles, and survival tactics. It was interesting to see how immigrants from different countries had more or less similar stories. The use of words like misery land, wonderland, reality land, destiny, and Bear is powerful. They get the point home like a punch in the face. Very sobering. There is mention of God and the conscience inside human beings that guides us to make the right decisions. The Bear is a very enjoyable read filled with many truths about life. A rich, reflective read

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