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WORLDBESTBOOK has been created with the main purpose to support and advertise Emanuel Rivera’s work.
His first book ‘My Bear – Chronicles and Reflections of an Immigrant’ is already on the market and you can find it on Amazon, as well as on other publishing platforms as Kobo. 
Despite the title of the website we absolutely don’t pretend to present you with the best book in the world – that would be an impossible and meaningless task.
We do believe every book has its own charm and place on the shelf of the different readers. 
Having said that, we would like to tell you a little bit about the author and still keep his anonymity behind the pseudonym.
Emanuel Rivera was born in 1975. Like many other people now, due to the hard political and economic situation in his own country he left his family in his youth to become an immigrant. His national, religious, social, political, and geographical boundaries and beliefs were about to change due to meeting with many different people from all over the world.
And since immigration is tough for all immigrants, we can also find very beautiful and meaningful moments in it. During the whole process and wherever we end up, we grow up, we change, we learn…
So did Rivera. During his immigration years, he also got a guitar and music diploma in 2007, and recently(2021) he got a bachelor degree in graphic design- visual communications from the G
loucestershire university- England.

Listen to Emanuel Rivera’s music. Now you can buy it on Amazon.

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