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“Fighting the bear never ceases! As long as life goes on, the fight goes on!”

The book “My Bear – Chronicles and Reflections of an Immigrant” is based on a real story.
This book tells of the intertwining fates of different people, with different characters in the multi-dye carpet of our existence, which makes it deeply universal.

The different storylines embroider their threads into an interesting, multilayered, and to an extent, abstractly told story. In this book you will not find names of people, countries and places. Each person, country and place is a collective image that expresses the author’s inner attitude to the object, and hence the name by which the author names the people and countries in the book. This is not just a story about immigration and everything that is related or results from it. It is also a gaze deep in the heart and soul of man, seeking the thousands of wheat stalks of knowledge about himself and the world scattered along the way.

By touching upon this pressing theme for our entire society – immigration, readers will get to know the personal point of view and motives for immigration of an infatuated idealist who, through his own turning point abroad, tries to understand existence and life.  Through philosophical conclusions mainly based on experience, the protagonist tries to untangle and give meaning to different knots of life and to come to the true knowledge of love, art, the world and God…

“And does it matter what we call the countries in which we live, or those we aspire to, those we leave and those in which we stay? Which one actually helps us grow more, which one helps us change, and is our change the only one that matters? … All of them, I would say! Or the one built by us; the country called Miseryland-Dreamland-Realityland-Wonderland – the country called ‘Life’”.

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