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Have you already found your world’s best book?
Are you in search of it?
And maybe this is the best discovery ever- the world’s best book is the book you haven’t read yet.
And here is where my offer comes to you together with some questions:
– Does a book need to be long to be good?
– Does a book need to be written in a certain genre to be good enough?
– Does a book need to be old to be a bestseller, to be trustworthy?
– Does a book need to be a hardcover book, to be worth reading?
– Does a book need to be written with golden letters to be good to read?

I can keep going with those questions, but the answer will always be – NO!
A good book can be every book that interests you, that conquers you,
and makes you feel curious, intrigued, thrilled, and excited.
And this is what the world’s best book offers you now.

We present to you the book of Emanuel Rivera:
“My Bear – Chronicles and Reflections of an Immigrant“

It is a novel, based on biography like no other!
Art of abstract storytelling!

We can briefly describe it as:
– a novel, based on a real story.
– a real story, based on abstract interpretations.
– interpretations, based on supernatural experience.
– experience based on faith and understanding of God, love, art and life. 

The chronicles here are based on the immigration story of the author.
It is a story that every immigrant can easily recognize as part of their own experience and life. We will definitely meet all the characteristics which the immigration life provokes in immigrants, starting with the initial thrill and enthusiasm, the desire to see new places, and the adventurous spirit and curiosity that make part of the decision to move to a different place together with the economic, familial, social, or personal reasons to immigrate.
The process through which individuals become part of the inner life of another country certainly passes through different aspects and levels of the personal inner, emotional world of the immigrants. Who hasn’t felt the loneliness, depression, nostalgia and, those sucking forces of feelings of inability to solve different problems of an economic, emotional, or psychological nature?
In all those feelings and situations we all need supernatural help and faith to help us stand on our feet – immigrants or not!
But what if this faith is supported by prophetical dreams and sensations all the way through? Wouldn’t you ask yourself questions about destiny, predestination, karma, and fate?
How could we explain all the strange things that are happening in life, all the overturns and reversal events in that lead us to meet or live with certain people?
What if your religious views or religion are not sufficient or enough to explain all the things happening to you and all the contradictions around? Isn’t the truth worth discovering despite our previous philosophical or religious views?
Wouldn’t you search for answers from all the possible sources to find the truth?
And here is how the Reflections were born…

Immigration was just the context and the field in which the seeds of the chronicles and the reflections were born and raised.

And what about the Bear? Where is it in all this?

Well, this is maybe the best part of the book. We’ll let you discover it by yourselves.


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